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Individual Supervision and Consultation
 *for professional psychotherapists  via Telephone
or in person for New Jersey Therapists  (Scroll down for information on Practice Building Coaching)
A Good Ear....
...and a space of your own to say everything about your cases, your practice, your life.  Talk, consult, get taken care of, be understood and get new ideas to enhance and advance your work.
Supervision weaves together psychodynamic, CBT and psychoanalytic concepts to facilitate good discussions on cases, work issues and treatment dynamics.  Consultation makes practice so much better. 
Though supervision/consultation can really be whatever you want and need it to be, this is the place for reflection, discovery and  dialog about cases and therapeutic relationships.  Supervision is also helpful with practice building.
Having a  "good ear"  listen both analytically and empathically to the nuances of cases, the transferences, the communications and the concerns (of both clinician and client) is a boost to both  practice and  personal life, as well as a wonderful benefit to clients.
Supervision is an interactive process, where ideas are exchanged. 
Supervision focuses on:
-your needs
-studying your clients together with you to deepen  and support your work
-offering new ideas
-relationships and understanding the many levels of communication
-transference, countertransferences and resistances
You are most welcome to call or email me to discuss your needs!

*I am a New Jersey State approved supervisor and can provide supervision for LSWs and toward licensure for LCSW candidates in New Jersey.
Practice Building Coaching via Phone
Helping therapists do what they love and love what they do.
Sessions are personal, connective and deeply focused on understanding  and meeting your goals and needs and actualizing your style, passions and possiblitites.
Whether you are just starting out, or are looking to grow your practice, expand your services or discover new ways of working, focused coaching time can help you move forward in a progressive and satisfying way.
Sessions are:
and taliored to help you sort through all the hype, tap into your creativity and make money doing what you love.
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